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Who we are


Everyone has been given the gift of time. We all have the opportunity to be present and engage. At Vineyard Bowling Green, we hope to capture the significance of opportunity and recognize the life we have. Each individual has a purpose, and it's our heart to partner everyone with the Father to bring His Kingdom to earth, as it is in Heaven. The Church has been around for a long time, and we hope to continue the story of God using ordinary and real people. It's our prayer that each day we are humble, we are not arrogant, we are not apathetic, and that we simply contribute faith, hope, and love wherever we go.  




Service Time

Worship starts at 6:00 p.m. Come early if you want to hang out and enjoy coffee. Kids Church and nursery are available.  


2420 Airway Drive in Bowling Green, KY

What to Expect

Worship through song: About 30-40 minutes of music, singing, and extravagant expressions of our love for Him.

Worship through study: We turn our attention to the Bible—God’s reliable handbook for living.

Worship through communion: At the end of each study, we offer a time of communion. This is a time to honor what God has done and our response to what He wants from us now.





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